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My name is Stefan Dahle. I am a professional travel photographer in his early fifties. I am based in Berlin but I spend quite a few months of the year travelling around foreign countries with a focus on Asia. I also write a blog: travelblog.niceprospects.com

Initially I studied economics in Hamburg followed by a long running management career with globally active companies. I had worked in Germany, London, Athens and Liechtenstein.

At the age of 48 I decided to throw the towel and to turn my hobby into a second career. I have since travelled extensively mainly around Southeast Asia, my favourite region in the world. I love to photograph people and the everyday life, which is an easy going exercise in this region. In contrast to the industrialized countries, people in Southeast Asia are always happy to be "digitally frozen". 

My work is represented by several renowned Stock Agencies like Alamy, AGE Fotostock and F1-Online. On this website you find my personal choice of my best travel photos from Asia and Europe. All my displayed images here are on sale for personal download or prints.

If you need a rights managed license please contact me by mail: rm@niceprospects.com.

I hope you enjoy my travel photos. Please feel free to leave comments - positive or negative.

Thank you for visiting NiceProspects.

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